Dr. David Psomiadis, food fraud expert and speaker at a Webinar organised by FI Global on June 23rd confirmed our impression that a rise in food fraud is likely, due to the given disruption to global supply chains caused by COVID-19 pandemic.


Whenever any disturbance in global markets occur, there are some criminal elements already prepared to pick their chance to make a fortune by fraudulent practises. In parallel the control networks get weakened and the risk to be detected decreases. It is also likely to be fewer private sector audits and checks of certification and accreditation schemes. Even food businesses who already established risk-based vulnerability assessment systems to mitigate against food fraud, often have to shift their resources due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Certain high-value products, such as botanical ingredients used in foods and dietary supplements, may be particularly at risk due to supply chain disruptions. Historical data indicate that high-value food such as extra virgin olive oil, honey, spices are perpetual targets for fraudulent activity.


In May 2020, online-sold curry was recalled in Britain after it was found to be adulterated with an illegal dye. In Austria emptied boxes of Spanish strawberries were found on the fields where local strawberries should have been harvested.
Again, two fraudulent horse meat shipments were seized in Denmark and the Netherlands, with at least one intended for “unauthorised placing on the market, according to the EU’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF).


So, please stay aware of the increased risk potential in present times for adulterated raw products, food ingredients and food supplements. Protect your business by reviewing your vulnerability assessment and increase the authenticity testing for all critical compounds - also from so far reliable suppliers.


Our food experts know what analytically is possible and will give you advice with respect to setting-up a sampling plan. We also cooperate with leading specialised labs (e.g. IMPRINT Analytics) for geographical origin analysis and NMR-chemical finger-printing specialists.

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Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger